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Black and white stripes on classic clapperboard

Black clapperboard with red and white writing - free vector graphics download
The idea for this vector graphic came while browsing a visual foreign language dictionary, when i reached the entertainment section. Among items such as scene props, the director’s chair, microphones and others was a tiny thumbnail of a classic clapperboard. It felt interesting to see if i can make something similar out of just a few simple paths. Yet, before i started working on it, i did a brief image search on Google and Wikipedia if i remember exactly to find what other variations were there.

After about half an hour or so, I had a rough idea about what i wanted to look like, combining features and design elements from the different models i could find online. So i started building up the different path and went for a simple font. Given the nature of the design, it was better to keep it as simple as possible, without too many graphic effects so that it would be able to scale correctly both up and down.

It has three labels for the production title, director and director of photography which feature the texts “Big action movie”, “Wise guy” and “Art kid” respectively, written next to them. The lower side shows the roll, slate, shot and take number along with a handwritten white date.

As far as licensing goes, you’ll find a thorough description in the EXIF. You’re allowed to use it in both personal and commercial projects. While, you shouldn’t redistribute it or link directly to the file, you can link to this post instead. If unsure about things being covered in the license, just send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer you. Attribution is required.

To download the archive click here.

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