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Bald mexican with sombrero sleeping on hammock in the desert

Bald fat mexican man with large sombrero sleeping on hammock in the desert - free vector graphics download
A partially bald, fat Mexican man dressed in a plain white costume and wearing black boots is sleeping on a hammock tied between two cactus plants in the desert. His right arm is almost touching the ground, casting long shadows along with the plants. He has a large nose, thick eyebrows, a swirly mustache, a ponytail and has his mouth open. A large sombrero is balancing on the man’s belly, with a black scorpion crawling over it. In the background there are some barren rocky peaks, with the scorching sun low in the sky behind them.

The design process involved drawing the basic shapes with a graphic tablet to achieve some natural shapes. Once that was done i went and simplified the paths. You’ll find the character, background and  foreground on separate layers for easy editing. This was actually a remake on a previous illustration, improving mostly on the man’s figure and fixing some lighting issues.

If you’re interested in using this illustration, please check the licensing page on this blog. You’re allowed to use it in both personal and commercial projects. While, you shouldn’t redistribute it or link directly to the file, you can link to this post instead. Attribution is required.

To download the archive click here.

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