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Shiny spoon, fork and knife on napkin – free vector download

Shiny tableware set of tea spoon, spoon, fork and knife on paper napkin - free vector download

Simple tableware set consisting of four items, namely a teaspoon, spoon, fork and knife on a cream colored paper napkin with red lipstick marks spread all over it. The silver cutlery shines,  having  all sorts of diffused reflections due to the relatively soft light coming from the side, which also helps create some soft shadows. Beneath the shiny metallic items there is a table cloth with a repeating diagonal pattern consisting of  green rhombuses, each with one of three stylized icons (white signs of plates, forks, spoons and knives). These can be used as standalone graphic elements when needing a quick icon for a restaurant sign or other food  related things.

This file is a rework of a previous vector graphic i had done some time ago. As i wasn’t really content about the way that turned out, this was the perfect opportunity to completely redo the lighting effects, while also learning a thing or two about the topic. The main idea was  to improve its realism while also simplifying the design and removing some unnecessary effects.  The end result uses mainly a number of fills with different gradients, each with a proper blending mode. A simple blur effect was used to soften the shadows.

If you’re  interested in using the graphic, please check the licensing page on this blog. You’re allowed to use it in both personal and commercial projects. While, you shouldn’t redistribute it or link directly to the file, you can link to this post instead.

To download the archive click here.

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