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Lamp with shade, retro flip clock and photo frame free vector graphics

Simple conical lamp next to retro flip clock and round photo frame free vector graphics download

A common nightstand lamp with a classic light bulb, next to a gray metallic, retro styled flip clock which shows the time to be 12:45 AM. The clock has a shiny rectangular case with round corners. On the wall behind them, covered with a seamless pattern of fleur-de-lis and medieval cross symbols there is a small oval photo frame. The table lighting source has a soft lampshade with a simple floral repeating pattern and a shiny circular base. It projects some bright light areas behind it.

The idea for this project came when i decided to combine two of my previous graphics which felt like they would just might work very well together. In the original design, the lighting source was a blue desk lamp with a curved arm. However, it wasn’t long before i decided to switch it with the current version. Besides the fact that it would have made for a very (unnecessarily) elaborate graphic, the old one made less sense as far as general style and purpose goes.

Just like with pretty much all of my reworked pieces, i tried to keep it as simple as possible with just a handful of paths and effects which couldn’t have been replicated otherwise. That’s how i gave up on a lot of clipping and opacity masks, along with plenty of inner glow and drop shadows. Instead, i went for stacks of fill layers with various gradients and blending modes. The two patterns used for the wall and the shade were variations of symbols I’ve drawn during an earlier session. You can deconstruct it and use  just the elements you need in your designs, or the whole image for your blog. Of course, you can even substitute that cute dog with a photo of your favorite pet.

If you’re interested in using this illustration, please check the licensing page on this blog. You’re allowed to include it in both personal and commercial projects. While, you shouldn’t redistribute it or link directly to the file, you can link to this post instead. Attribution is required.

To download the archive click here.

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