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Monthly Archives: April 2010


Free hearts patterns, twitter backgrounds and vector graphics

Over a dozen variations of a seamless heart pattern that can be used as a Twitter background, made from a number of carefully tweaked heart symbols. You’ll find two types of patterns: one like that featured in the above pic, with the icons as well as the background of various colors and another which uses one or two symbols in a repeating or alternating manner. There are also included five swatch groups mostly consisting of analogous red hues. Some of them work well as highlight or main [...] Continue


Free musical instruments twitter backgrounds and vector graphics

Several variations of an almost seamless pattern that can be used as a Twitter background, made from a number of hand drawn musical instruments and notation elements. These include: the piano, pan flute, drum kit, violin, guitar, trumpet, a couple of congas, harp, tambourine, triangle, a clef etc. These are mostly outlines of the actual objects. Although they are vector graphics, they work better at smaller sizes, looking more like cartoons. In one of the archive at the end of this post [...] Continue

Feedback, communication and respect during a design contest

One of the most frustrating aspects of participating in online design contests is receiving little or no feedback at all. There’s no point to single out a certain website, because you’ll get to see the same pattern, whichever one you browse. Once you go past certain guidelines, which let’s face it, are mostly empty words published to inflate some corporate egos and project a spit polished aura of false empathy, it boils down to the type of human beings that interact within [...] Continue