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Free musical instruments twitter backgrounds and vector graphics

Seamless twitter pattern of white musical instruments on blue background

Several variations of an almost seamless pattern that can be used as a Twitter background, made from a number of hand drawn musical instruments and notation elements. These include: the piano, pan flute, drum kit, violin, guitar, trumpet, a couple of congas, harp, tambourine, triangle, a clef etc. These are mostly outlines of the actual objects. Although they are vector graphics, they work better at smaller sizes, looking more like cartoons. In one of the archive at the end of this post you’ll find several variations of the example above either with different background colors and/or object colors saved as PNG that you can use directly on your Twitter account.

Initially, I’ve drawn them on paper and tried to convert them to vector graphics. Unfortunately, that didn’t render such good results, so i decided to redo them directly on the computer by drawing over with the pen tablet (a bit unpredictable and hard to tame). Yet, the hardest challenge as with any pattern was positioning the elements in a coherent and dynamic manner as far as both the shapes and the colors go. You’ll find the main pattern variations saved as swatches along with the rest of the colors used.

If you’re interested in using this illustration, please check the licensing page on this blog. You’re allowed to include it in both personal and commercial projects. While, you shouldn’t redistribute it or link directly to the file, you can link to this post instead. Please tweet back to this blog post, if you decide to use them as backgrounds for your twitter account. For any other uses attribution is required.

To download the source file archive click here.
To download the various exports (red, green, blue, orange, black etc) click here.

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