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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Why i’m giving away free photos

Months before i decided to give stock agencies one last try (which if you read the previous post know it turned out pretty bad) i created a Flickr account. At the time, I was preparing to close up a website i had used for a couple of years to host my photos and obviously i was looking for another place to showcase them. Luckily, I’m long past the stage where i feel the need to protect my files with huge watermarks or post only small resolution versions. That’s why i [...] Continue

Why i finally gave up on stock photo agencies

A few years ago, back when microstock agencies were still relatively in their infancy boasting “only” 1-2 millions photos, i decided to join such a service as a contributor. At the time, i naively believed in the “get rich fast by selling your content” scheme. Armed with a bridge camera which spit out files you would get today with any average mobile phone i set out on a mission to conquer the world of online photography. Several dozen rejections later, with only two [...] Continue


Free shamrock leaves and horseshoe seamless pattern, Twitter backgrounds

Almost a dozen shamrock seamless patterns that can be used as Twitter backgrounds, made from a number of carefully tweaked shamrock and horseshoe symbols. You’ll find two types of patterns: one like that featured in the picture above and another which uses a combination of a three and four leaf symbols in a repeating or alternating manner. All ten shamrock shapes have been saved as swatches along with the horseshoe and a simple green Irish hat. Due to their nature, you can easily tweak the [...] Continue


Free logo designs for seaside travel agencies, beach bars or equipment rentals

While working on this set of free logos I tried to incorporate visual elements that remind you of the sea, the sun and palm leaves. The idea was to make it work for a large range of situations related to the summer vacations at the seaside. With that in mind, you could use the designs for anything ranging from a beach stand, small bar or cafe to a surfing equipment rental shop or even a travel agency specializing in tropical destinations. Since it’s always easier to add things rather then [...] Continue