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Free logo designs for seaside travel agencies, beach bars or equipment rentals

Free beach bar, cafe or summer holiday travel agency logo downloads

While working on this set of free logos I tried to incorporate visual elements that remind you of the sea, the sun and palm leaves. The idea was to make it work for a large range of situations related to the summer vacations at the seaside. With that in mind, you could use the designs for anything ranging from a beach stand, small bar or cafe to a surfing equipment rental shop or even a travel agency specializing in tropical destinations.

Since it’s always easier to add things rather then remove unnecessary visual effects, I’ve kept them simple, without any gradients, relying solely on the shapes and hues in order to make them easy to spot and remember. The colors chosen this time reflect the water, vegetation and warmth of a summer day.

As far as suggested typography goes, depending on your main target, you’re most likely to lean towards a novelty or display typeface rather than the usual sans serif corporate ones you see everywhere these days. The font should help convey ideas such as freedom, relaxation, fun, youth, friendliness and so on.

Some examples of typefaces i’d try are:

  • commercial faces – Linotype Spitz Light or Book, MVB Calliope Regular, Mano Regular or Clever Duke BTN;
  • free faces – Yanone Kaffeesatz, Banksia, SeasideResortNF, Worstveld Sling;

If you’re interested in using any of these ideas, please also check the licensing page on this blog. You’re allowed to use then as your own identity but it’s forbidden to register them as trademarks by either you or your clients. While, you shouldn’t redistribute them (either as part of derivative works or in whole) or link directly to the file, you can link to this post instead.

To download the archive click here.

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