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Starting fresh once again

Every once in a while you have to stop and reevaluate your work. Taking a little breather will help you realize just how much you’ve grown from the last checkpoint. Some of the things which felt hard or scary a while ago may now seem like second nature. In a similar fashion, those which seemed completely out of reach suddenly look tangible, given enough time and willpower are spent on them. And why not, some things may no longer look as interesting as they did before, as was the case [...] Continue

Why i’m giving away free photos

Months before i decided to give stock agencies one last try (which if you read the previous post know it turned out pretty bad) i created a Flickr account. At the time, I was preparing to close up a website i had used for a couple of years to host my photos and obviously i was looking for another place to showcase them. Luckily, I’m long past the stage where i feel the need to protect my files with huge watermarks or post only small resolution versions. That’s why i [...] Continue

Why i finally gave up on stock photo agencies

A few years ago, back when microstock agencies were still relatively in their infancy boasting “only” 1-2 millions photos, i decided to join such a service as a contributor. At the time, i naively believed in the “get rich fast by selling your content” scheme. Armed with a bridge camera which spit out files you would get today with any average mobile phone i set out on a mission to conquer the world of online photography. Several dozen rejections later, with only two [...] Continue


Free shamrock leaves and horseshoe seamless pattern, Twitter backgrounds

Almost a dozen shamrock seamless patterns that can be used as Twitter backgrounds, made from a number of carefully tweaked shamrock and horseshoe symbols. You’ll find two types of patterns: one like that featured in the picture above and another which uses a combination of a three and four leaf symbols in a repeating or alternating manner. All ten shamrock shapes have been saved as swatches along with the horseshoe and a simple green Irish hat. Due to their nature, you can easily tweak the [...] Continue


Free logo designs for seaside travel agencies, beach bars or equipment rentals

While working on this set of free logos I tried to incorporate visual elements that remind you of the sea, the sun and palm leaves. The idea was to make it work for a large range of situations related to the summer vacations at the seaside. With that in mind, you could use the designs for anything ranging from a beach stand, small bar or cafe to a surfing equipment rental shop or even a travel agency specializing in tropical destinations. Since it’s always easier to add things rather then [...] Continue


Jigsaw puzzle of falling dollar with alternating star pattern

An illustration based on the theme of the alleged devaluation of the dollar. It includes an almost solved square jigsaw puzzle with 25 pieces recreating the image of the world’s leading currency seen falling from the sky. Next to it there’s the central missing item with the words “Game Over” written in the middle. In the background there is a seamless pattern made from alternating dollar signs and five pointed stars on a red surface. The S symbol has been completely [...] Continue

Backdrop Lights – free minimalist WordPress theme for photo bloggers

It’s fairly common knowledge that when it comes to displaying digital photography, either offline or online, less is more. Some photographers even go as far as suggesting that you should go with a grayscale palette or at the very least use desaturated colors. While that would certainly work in the best interest of the images, it might also bring about some usability issues which could make such a website an unfriendly place and deter the visitors from exploring it further. Since I’m [...] Continue

Why i should have canceled this website redesign project

Last autumn, we were approached by a multinational company to redesign their website. At the time, taking the project felt like a good idea: it came as a recommendation from an acquaintance, those in charge seemed like nice people and the tight deadline felt like another proof they were determined to work with us in developing a modern online presence. I also liked the fact they prided themselves on being professionals who treasure honesty and good work ethics. About a half a year later and [...] Continue


Free hearts patterns, twitter backgrounds and vector graphics

Over a dozen variations of a seamless heart pattern that can be used as a Twitter background, made from a number of carefully tweaked heart symbols. You’ll find two types of patterns: one like that featured in the above pic, with the icons as well as the background of various colors and another which uses one or two symbols in a repeating or alternating manner. There are also included five swatch groups mostly consisting of analogous red hues. Some of them work well as highlight or main [...] Continue