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Free musical instruments twitter backgrounds and vector graphics

Several variations of an almost seamless pattern that can be used as a Twitter background, made from a number of hand drawn musical instruments and notation elements. These include: the piano, pan flute, drum kit, violin, guitar, trumpet, a couple of congas, harp, tambourine, triangle, a clef etc. These are mostly outlines of the actual objects. Although they are vector graphics, they work better at smaller sizes, looking more like cartoons. In one of the archive at the end of this post [...] Continue

Feedback, communication and respect during a design contest

One of the most frustrating aspects of participating in online design contests is receiving little or no feedback at all. There’s no point to single out a certain website, because you’ll get to see the same pattern, whichever one you browse. Once you go past certain guidelines, which let’s face it, are mostly empty words published to inflate some corporate egos and project a spit polished aura of false empathy, it boils down to the type of human beings that interact within [...] Continue


Sets of blue waves and surfing boards with flower patterns

Several groups of shapes in the form of blue and white waves on a soft gradient background. This is somewhat a rework of a previous design, although much of is either changed or added in this version. The original elements are mostly visible in the background. There are four sets of wave shapes that can work either as a group or broken down into individual pieces. There is also a set of three surfing boards vector graphics with hand pointer, leaf and flower drawings. You can use these vector [...] Continue


Cuckoo clock with ornate leaf decorations against joker pattern

Large old style brown cuckoo clock with ornate decorations featuring curls, leaf motifs and a couple of abstract figures.  The clock has a cream and silver display with long black roman numerals. On either side of the two doors near the top there is a strange looking figure appearing to blow smoke into the air. On the background there is a dimply lit seamless checkerboard pattern with alternating blue and brown joker hats. Again, this is a rework of a previous design with different ornaments, [...] Continue

Tips on writing a professional brief for your design contest

In the last post on how to maximize the efficiency of your design contests, I’ve wrote about deciding what is the right amount of money for the winning design. Once you’ve gotten over establishing a prize, the next step is to provide a detailed and professional brief. A poorly written or incomplete documentation is a sure way to alienate designers, as they usually perceive it as forebearer of wasted time and confusing tasks. If a significant amount of essential data is missing, [...] Continue


Lamp with shade, retro flip clock and photo frame free vector graphics

A common nightstand lamp with a classic light bulb, next to a gray metallic, retro styled flip clock which shows the time to be 12:45 AM. The clock has a shiny rectangular case with round corners. On the wall behind them, covered with a seamless pattern of fleur-de-lis and medieval cross symbols there is a small oval photo frame. The table lighting source has a soft lampshade with a simple floral repeating pattern and a shiny circular base. It projects some bright light areas behind it. The idea [...] Continue


Eco-friendly compact fluorescent light bulb free vector download

A long, simple compact fluorescent lamp composed of one u-turn shaped white tube. The energy saving light bulb has a green recycling sign on the white plastic where the electronic ballast resides. The eco-friendly household item is featured against a green seamless background pattern made from the repeating image of a maple leaf. This is a rework of a previous illustration which had a more  complicated structure, employing mostly basic visual effects of a considerable number of shapes. For this [...] Continue

Tips for choosing the right prize while running a design contest

Just because most designers fancy themselves somewhere in the back of their minds as promising artists, doesn’t mean they should have to work the way struggling painters of past centuries used to. Unlike a musician or poet, who could turn their problems into great songs, a graphic artist seldom finds working for scraps as a good environment for creativity. Great innovative ideas come when you’re able to distance yourself from the mundane and focus solely on the task at hand. [...] Continue