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Logo Savvy – clever mix of branding, naming and identity

If you were to judge this book just by reading the “Contents” page you’d have a hard time finding reasons to buy it. At a little under 200 pages and just over 40 case studies you could think it’s not too much bang for your buck. At least not when comparing it to those index type publications which feature examples in excess of several hundreds up to a thousand and more. If you were to do that you would be quite wrong. To be honest, Logo Savvy was the book [...] Continue

Websites vs. books for design training and inspiration?

The natural and easy answer would be “both”. That’s because rather than thinking they are competing against each other, you could see them as training resources that go hand in hand. Of course, each has its own pros and cons and based on your own preferences/knowledge you could be leaning towards one or the other. After quite a long time spent believing the web was enough, I’m now going through a book phase which i have to admit I’m enjoying a lot. There’s [...] Continue