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15 grunge mug coffee stains – free vector graphics

15 different coffee stains vector graphic marks made by different mugs, teacups and glasses with round bottoms. This is based on a previous set of  just five models which i’ve decided to update. You’ll be able to find anything from very thin full circle symbols to very thick ones which are only partially visible. Along some of them there are also punctual stains dripping from the base, similar to those left by ink drops. Although they appear to have roughly the same size, the [...] Continue


Shiny spoon, fork and knife on napkin – free vector download

Simple tableware set consisting of four items, namely a teaspoon, spoon, fork and knife on a cream colored paper napkin with red lipstick marks spread all over it. The silver cutlery shines,  having  all sorts of diffused reflections due to the relatively soft light coming from the side, which also helps create some soft shadows. Beneath the shiny metallic items there is a table cloth with a repeating diagonal pattern consisting of  green rhombuses, each with one of three stylized icons [...] Continue


Ornate fleur de lis symbols – free vector graphics download

Set consisting of twelve fleur de lis symbols in one-color designs. Six of them are simple monocromatic shapes while the remaining ones have different hollow ornaments on the inside as well. They all feature various types of curls, fleurons and the spade like shape in the middle. Inspiration came from various history and architecture books, which pictured details from medieval castle facades or from extended ornaments built around a certain coat of arms. You can use them straight up after [...] Continue


Set of tire tracks brushes – free vector graphics download

Set of 8 truck and ATV tire tracks brushes of different sizes and geometric shapes, each colored in a different earth tone hue. The patterns range from simple alternating ones with two or three threads to more complex variations with several irregular shapes on each side. Some of the caterpillar tracks have larger gaps between them. Each of the track is saved as a swatch, with proper clipping, so you can simply apply it to the strokes. I came up with this set of vector graphic images after [...] Continue


Black and white stripes on classic clapperboard

The idea for this vector graphic came while browsing a visual foreign language dictionary, when i reached the entertainment section. Among items such as scene props, the director’s chair, microphones and others was a tiny thumbnail of a classic clapperboard. It felt interesting to see if i can make something similar out of just a few simple paths. Yet, before i started working on it, i did a brief image search on Google and Wikipedia if i remember exactly to find what other variations were [...] Continue


35mm colored photo film cartridges free vector download

About a year ago, while in the process of uploading fresh content on my soon to be closed artsilo.com website, I thought about adding free vector graphics downloads. They were harder to find than stock photos and offered a fun and relaxing way to improve my skills and challenge my creativity. Based on the feedback I’ve received ever since, I’ll be transferring most, if not all of the files, to this blog. Also, I’ll be revisiting some of the designs and make sure to fix or [...] Continue