Web & Graphic Design

Graphic Design for Print Projects


Murray Group Brochure Designs

As part of their campaign, Murray Group decided on creating a detailed promotional brochure and a couple of summary leaflets which they could hand over to prospective clients.


Murray Group Promotional Folder

The Murray Group needed to design a folder consisting of a set of various promotional and information materials for distribution to prospective clients. We’ve agreed upon a light, uncluttered style.


iTB PDF Brochure Design

Small brochure promoting a full service technology provider that offers an integrated trading platform for broker dealers.


Effective Coverage Logos and Stationery

Identity and additional graphics for a Effective Coverage, an insurance company specializing in renters policies. The imagery is meant to reflect a company that’s trustworthy, dynamic and effective.


SMT Print Magazine Ad

Print ad that ran in specialized publications, that helped raise awareness about the new features targeting geologists, implemented into Kingdom Integrates software suite.


Geoscience Poster Ad Design

Print ad used to promote the partnership known as Seismic to Simulation Alliance between SMT, JewelSuite and CMG. The messages was supposed to be presented in a clean and uncluttered way.


TunnelVision Set of Print Posters

Number of ads created for a commercial technology company named TunnelVision meant to be featured in an architectural magazine. It resulted in a set of clean, light designs.