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Digital photography

I took up photography as a hobby back when i was in high school, at a time when digital cameras were just starting to pop up and 5MP was considered top of the line. My first camera was a no name (branded as Medion) that although was locked into ISO 100, sported just a tiny LCD screen and was pretty much a real pain to use, allowed me plenty of opportunities to improve my skills for free. Plus, like many other compact cameras it was really capable when it came to macro photography, which made it even more fun to use. Curiously enough, probably due to the relatively low (4MP) resolution, the overall clarity and quality of the pictures exceeded that of other brand devices in the same class I’ve used since.

Several years later, while shopping for a super zoom, back when 3x or 4x was the norm, i stumbled into Fuji Film S5600. At the time, it made perfect sense and was a great bang for the buck. The 10x telephoto lens, especially, allowed me to take some really nice amateur wildlife photos. Although it had huge chromatic aberrations and less than stellar image clarity, it featured RAW shooting which was a perfect intro to shooting and post processing photos taken with a professional camera.

Fast forward a few years later, and there i was, finally getting my first DSLR camera, a brand new Canon 40D. This is where things started to get serious (and dare i say a bit costly), so it was only natural to start reading more about the craft, rather than relying solely on talent or intuition. Plus, what’s the point of getting even a semi professional camera if you’re still going to use it as a pocket one. There’s only so much a bigger sensor can get you in terms of quality and unless you learn how to work it, you’ll be quite disappointed, not knowing if it’s worth the extra cash. To this day, I’m very happy with what this camera was capable of. Canon lenses and customer support, that’s an entirely different story, one i don’t enjoy remembering.

That’s actually the reason why about a year and a half later i was trading my Canon for a lovely Nikon D90. This came more or less a necessity, since all of my photo buddies were sporting Nikons and i would have missed so many opportunities had i stayed back with the red ones.  To this day I’ve yet to have any complaints about my current DSLR.

If you’re looking for high resolution stock photos or other images you might want for personal or commercial use just head on to my flickr photostream. That’s where i post some of my best shots taken over the years, which are mostly licensed using Creative Commons Attribution. Also, bear in mind that due to time constraints I’ve yet to sort all of my archive. That’s why, if you’re in need of some particular image just contact me and I’ll be happy to upload it if i have something to fit the request.