Web & Graphic Design

Some of my work


Sub2 Custom WordPress Theme

Lightweight custom Wordpress theme design for a landing page meant to share research and ideas from the bo.lt community.


Geoscience Poster Ad Design

Print ad used to promote the partnership known as Seismic to Simulation Alliance between SMT, JewelSuite and CMG. The messages was supposed to be presented in a clean and uncluttered way.


TunnelVision Set of Print Posters

Number of ads created for a commercial technology company named TunnelVision meant to be featured in an architectural magazine. It resulted in a set of clean, light designs.


Journalist Diana Cosmin’s Blog

Custom designed Wordpress theme for one of the most talented young journalists in Romania. Combines visual elements such as textures, custom typefaces as well as original photography to visually describe Diana Cosmin’s world.


Wilderness Edge Website Redesign

Complete overhaul of the Wilderness Edge website. Meant to create a professional looking image of the retreat center that would inspire users to visit the location and book a stay.


That’s Just Joey WordPress Theme

Custom designed Wordpress theme for a blog specializing in daily entertainment news. A party inspired design reflecting the world of music, film and TV stars.


LeaderValues Homepage Redesign

Homepage redesign one of the most prominent resources on leadership development, in an easy to use, friendly manner that would accommodate all of the existing content.