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Pro bono design

Pro bono graphic design work for social causes is something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. While paid projects certainly have their rewards, they won’t always leave you with a feeling of accomplishment, due to the various restrictions and sometimes selfish nature of the job. On the other hand, getting involved in social causes that are true to your heart and fall in line with your own principles, will certainly make for a very pleasant experience: who wouldn’t want to do the things they enjoy most while knowing they’ll have the chance to help others in the process?

Still, there are a few conditions to getting involved in such a project:

  • the project has to be non-profit (although you might try your luck with a groundbreaking commercial project as well) and have a meaningful purpose for society (i don’t do global warming, eco hypocrisy because it’s trendy, covert pharmaceutical ads etc);
  • receiving a fully detailed brief completed with all the extra materials to be included into the final results, from the get go;
  • extra freedom as far as design choices go and a responsive attitude as well as constructive feedback from the project manager;
  • retaining full copyright over the final deliveries;
  • attribution/credit where the nature of the project allows for it in an unobtrusive manner.

If you think you have an interesting project that might make a difference, then use the form below to send me more details about it.

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