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Free hearts patterns, twitter backgrounds and vector graphics

Over a dozen variations of a seamless heart pattern that can be used as a Twitter background, made from a number of carefully tweaked heart symbols. You’ll find two types of patterns: one like that featured in the above pic, with the icons as well as the background of various colors and another which uses one or two symbols in a repeating or alternating manner. There are also included five swatch groups mostly consisting of analogous red hues. Some of them work well as highlight or main [...] Continue


Cuckoo clock with ornate leaf decorations against joker pattern

Large old style brown cuckoo clock with ornate decorations featuring curls, leaf motifs and a couple of abstract figures.  The clock has a cream and silver display with long black roman numerals. On either side of the two doors near the top there is a strange looking figure appearing to blow smoke into the air. On the background there is a dimply lit seamless checkerboard pattern with alternating blue and brown joker hats. Again, this is a rework of a previous design with different ornaments, [...] Continue


Shiny spoon, fork and knife on napkin – free vector download

Simple tableware set consisting of four items, namely a teaspoon, spoon, fork and knife on a cream colored paper napkin with red lipstick marks spread all over it. The silver cutlery shines,  having  all sorts of diffused reflections due to the relatively soft light coming from the side, which also helps create some soft shadows. Beneath the shiny metallic items there is a table cloth with a repeating diagonal pattern consisting of  green rhombuses, each with one of three stylized icons [...] Continue