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Tips on writing a professional brief for your design contest

In the last post on how to maximize the efficiency of your design contests, I’ve wrote about deciding what is the right amount of money for the winning design. Once you’ve gotten over establishing a prize, the next step is to provide a detailed and professional brief. A poorly written or incomplete documentation is a sure way to alienate designers, as they usually perceive it as forebearer of wasted time and confusing tasks. If a significant amount of essential data is missing, [...] Continue


Black and white stripes on classic clapperboard

The idea for this vector graphic came while browsing a visual foreign language dictionary, when i reached the entertainment section. Among items such as scene props, the director’s chair, microphones and others was a tiny thumbnail of a classic clapperboard. It felt interesting to see if i can make something similar out of just a few simple paths. Yet, before i started working on it, i did a brief image search on Google and Wikipedia if i remember exactly to find what other variations were [...] Continue