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WordPress Development

If you were to mention WordPress as your development platform a few years ago, you would probably get booed and thrown out of the room into gales of laughter. In fact even today there are some people, both developers and clients, which discard it as unconvincing and unprofessional, despite some rather big names using it with great success.

Today, WordPress is no longer the teeny blogging framework used to publish highschool poetry that noone but your close friends know about, let alone read. In fact it’s a well established and extremely versatile CMS which can mold itself into a variety of use case scenarios. It works beautifully for everything from small presentation websites to portfolios or online catalogues and even to full blown web publications such as newspapers or magazines.

As a developer there’s no need to flex your muscles and reinvent the wheel all on the expense of your client’s time and money. Let’s face it, no matter how brilliant you are, it’s nearly impossible to compete with a project that’s been through so many revisions, has a huge user base and get support from a very active community. Why would you?

I love about WordPress that i no longer have to spend that much time doing backend development. Instead, i get to put all that effort and energy into designing and building the frontend which is essentially what the users see and eventually judge the website on.